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What I’m Reading — Oct. 27

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  1. The Online Threat — Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker explores the differences between cyber war and cyber espionage, and the debates between the government and privacy advocates about the way forward. Includes some chilling details about China’s cyber espionage on the US.
  2. Government’s ‘Duty to Defend’ Not a Given — (h/t How Appealing) — Tony Mauro points out that the federal government does not have an airtight duty to defend Congressional enactments that have been struck down by courts. Obviously relevant because of the federal court striking down Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in California.
  3. A Remarkable Month for the Justice Department and Terrorism-Related Prosecutions — Robert Chesney introduces a summary of recent terrorism prosecutions (including today’s arrest of someone for plotting to attack my hometown Metro) by writing:

    October has been good to the Justice Department , with a remarkable number of arrests, convictions, and sentences in terrorism-related cases over the past two weeks.  This pattern of success tends to undermine claims that DOJ is ineffective or fumbling in its terrorism-related prosecutorial efforts.  To be fair, we don’t hear that line of criticism these days nearly as often as we used to.

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